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Over the past few decades, many papers, guidance, and tools have resulted from research and practice focused on community natural resource governance and management. The SNAPP Governance Working Group working group has brought together and curated existing guidance and tools that would help alleviate the challenges of community resource governance and respond to gaps in capacity. The resources that we have gathered are those that have been tried and tested by members of the working group or close associates. The guidance and tools were categorized by the working group and include language, format, subject, and keywords. The resources are also tagged to the enabling factors that should exist for good community natural resource governance and management.

This resource library of guidance and tools to support community natural resource governance is not exhaustive. We believe there are more resources that communities and community support partners have found useful in their work i including guidance on CSP’s evolving roles and responsibilities. If you would like to share a resource of any kind that has helped Indigenous Peoples and local communities with natural resource governance, please share via email to snapp@snappartnership.net.

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