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About the SNAPP Natural Resource Governance Working Group

The Science for Nature and People Partnership believes that bringing people with different education, work, knowledge, and life experiences together multiple times over one to two years is one of the best ways to find solutions to hard problems. SNAPP working groups have proven, over and over, that willing collaboration is the “secret sauce” for effective problem-solving.

The SNAPP Governance Working Group was convened to consolidate approaches and tools that have successfully helped Indigenous Peoples and local communities to secure and exercise their rights to govern access to and use of natural resources within their territories. The Working Group drew on the decades of community natural resource governance experience of its 27 members representing 15 organizations.

Collaborating remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Working Group successfully captured lessons learned from their on-the-ground experience, informed by evolving theories of collective action and common pool resource management, to identify a set of factors that most likely predict the effectiveness of community natural resource governance. The Working Group also compiled a set of recommended guidance materials. These resources offer valuable practical advice on how communities can strengthen enabling conditions essential for effective community natural resource governance that are currently lacking.

This website, graciously hosted by the Conservation Social Science Partnership, was created to share the products generated by the SNAPP Governance Working Group.

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